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Our Story
Regenerative Biology is an online Open Access journal dedicated to the timely publication of novel research that makes a significant contribution to the discipline of regenerative biology. Regenerative Biology is a key component of a unified effort to promote research on regeneration and engineering regenerative systems, which will include symposia, online videos, research prizes and an online mechanism to foster collaborations. We are interested in articles that focus on the basic biological mechanisms that underlie regeneration in key model systems and in mammals. Work that explicates the trade-offs between regenerative capacity, tumor suppression, immunity, wound healing and aging are of special interest. Research that takes an interdisciplinary approach making use of systems, computational/virtual or synthetic biology to catalyse research on regeneration is encouraged. We publish insightful commentaries on relevant commercial, political, ethical, and social ramifications of regenerative biology. We also encourage the submission of papers that describe new methods or innovative approaches and have implemented a special publication category for brief, provocative reports. Each paper will be provided with an introduction by a member of the editorial staff or colleague that provides context, especially relative to work in other model systems. A mechanism to inform authors of related work in other systems, potential collaborators, of newly published work is also available.

Real Time Publishing
The publication process can be incredibly frustrating for scientists. After countless hours of research and manuscript writing, the culmination of years of work is finally ready for public display. Unfortunately, most submissions will remain in queue for an extended period of time (too high a workload, a lack of proper reviewers, or a non-responsive editorial team) or require many revisions before publication. 90 days is considered extremely rapid by scientific publishing standards: we feel that is unacceptable. Real time publication means just that, in real time; no editorial- reviewer ping pong or lengthy editorial processing. Submission, acceptance, peer review, revision, and publish - in 60 days.

By Scientists, For Scientists
As scientists, we read, digest, and critique research articles daily - we are cognizant of the time required for scientific critique. Regenerative Biology is created by scientists, for scientists. We understand the issues necessary to achieve publishing in real time, each reviewer or editor must have a strict deadline and adhere to it. Our editorial staff ensures that deadlines can be met, or will reassign the manuscript to an alternate reviewer. The lengthy publication process sometimes results from a lack of these checks. A significant increase in efficiency will also result from a strong pre-screening process that weeds out work that otherwise would waste reviewers time.

More Than Just a Publication
Scientific publications are more than just print - they are our intellectual children. However, the rigidity of scientific articles leaves a lot to be desired by the authors, confining them to only the most salient points of discussion. Injection of a personality or eloquent prose, reminiscent in classic scientific articles, are presently non-existent. Who are the people behind the text? We give authors the chance to convey something about themselves, their scientific motivations with Bioprints - videos and podcasts - to tell their story.

High Publicity for Authors
Regenerative Biology, like it’s parent Bio2.0, aggressively publicises through: social media, Prescience™ editorials, major media outlets and SciWise™ press releases.
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